Saturday, September 27, 2008


I took a flyer and entered the 50-50 on FT tonight. We are at the third break. 5/99.

I had never seen It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia until last week. I'm catching my 3rd and 4th episodes now. They do have some original things on television. Who knew?


Fourth break and I am 18/32. Just like last week, I haven't been involved in any bad beats on either side. I've run into some second best hands though that have kept me high up. My M is low though (as are most of the players) so it will be a push-fest for me as soon as we resume. The real money doesn't start until the final table so no need to shoot for 14th place. If I am going to play once a week, I should go for the big score.


Out in 19th. Feels like the good old days.

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