Friday, September 19, 2008

That's Just Freaky

28K on Full Tilt this evening . . .

I forgot Rock in Rio was going to be on VH1 Classic tonight. It doesn't rate with Live After Death as Steve Harris went crazy with the cut shots during editing but it does sound great. Anyway, I was flipping through and saw that I had missed the first hour and forty-five minutes. Under the theory some Maiden is better than no Maiden, I tuned in just in time to catch the opening to Number of the Beast. I immediately felt a little guilty as I had been thinking earlier today about a deal I made twenty years ago and, to put it plainly, I have come up a little short on my end. Now, I in no way shape or form think listening to Iron Maiden is a bad thing but the subject of the song took my mind back to the earlier guilt and I contemplated turning it off for just a second. I got over it and the the song played. It rocked and I continued to play in the tournament. Near the end of the song, I was dealt 66 in early position and I made a standard raise to get called by two players. "Wouldn't it be funny to hit the third six?" I thought as the flop came out with the aforementioned third six. We got our stacks in on the flop and my hand held up to knock the other player out of the tournament. Right before his avatar disappeared, I looked at his screen name for the first time. It was "DavidMurray." I shit you not.

1st break and I am 81 of 757. Who's looking out for me tonight?


2nd break: 30 of 316. AA held up. I'll never be a big time tournament player as I can't push AI with K8s.


3rd break: 17 of 122. In the money. The only reason I am playing is that I signed onto PSO for the first time in over a year last night and discovered I had $75 in rakeback sitting there. They allowed me to transfer it to Full Tilt and it hit my account this evening. I haven't played there in months as I got tired of trying to figure out how to get money in and out. Maybe I'll hit it big tonight and find a way to get paid.


4th break: 5 of 32. Not complaining here but I've got to get up early to eat bacon and watch West Ham. Cruised along in the teens most of the level until I hit a straight and got a call on the river. I've won 83% of my showdowns.


5th break: 8 of 8. Made it to the final table without laying or receiving a bad beat. And out AKs vs. 55. No help and I am done (8 out of 1257). Good night.

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