Saturday, October 04, 2008


Damn, my hands smell good. The apple pie is in the oven.


I know a young lady whose parents told her, "Honey, we didn't send you to law school to be a lawyer; We sent you to marry one."

Is that just a Southern thing?


Smart kids rule the day. Vandy wins!

Well, my mini Oktoberfest is almsot over here. The brats and kraut were fantastic and I can't even speak of the pie; it was that wonderful.

The Cocks surprised Corso and Herbstreet today to defeat the Rebs. Spurrier did not play the QB everybody in the World thought played the best last week. Whatever his point was, he proved it.

Alabama over Georgia was a huge upset no matter the score. I will wager against anyone that Bama will not make it to the NC game nor win a NC during Saban's term. Any takers?


Major League Baseball may be dead. Wednesday night, I sat in a room playing poke with a group of eight men whose ages ranged from 39-70. I made sue to get there early and turn the TV to TBS for the night's baseball. Nobody watched a minute of the three games but for me. If they had there druthers, they would ahve tuned into the Malt Shop Music channel. They deserve to lose to me.

Oh yeah, TBS > Fox. Dick Stockton > Joe Buck. I haven't seen a single explosion in TBS's coverage of the playoffs so far. They actually talk about baseball. Revolutionary! I guess televising 150+ games a year for the last thirty years teaches a thing or two.

One bit of advice though; televise all the games in the early evening so everyone can see the end of them. I am the only person in America who is watching teams I don't even like. The Dodgers fans aren't watching the Rays. They are just waiting for their game to come on.

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BWoP said...

From what I saw in Boston, it's not just a Southern thing.