Monday, December 10, 2007

Just when you think you've got it figured out

Over the weekend, I called twice with hands I knew were beat. KK into AA and QQ into KK. How did I know? The pre-flop betting made sense, that's how. I called AI with the KK pre-flop and couldn't catch up. Bad Pirate. With the QQ, I waited until the flop and pushed AI hoping (but knowing it wasn't true) my opponent had an unimproved AKs. Well, I reversed the situation finally, picking up AA and making that final raise that signifies AA or KK against a foe one third of the way through the FT 28K. They came over the top and I called expecting to see KK. Nope, KJ. KJx flop and I was out. The next person who yells at me for playing KJ so aggresively pre-flop (hey, it could technically happen), I am going to drive to their house and kick them in the nuts. It's pure gold.

The MATH is tonight and this will be the final Pirate Bacon Bounty for the year. It may be back next year but I need to figure some things out about my game before I make that commitment. I still owe somebody for last week but I am not sure they even have a blog which is a dis-qualifier. I will wrap up my investigation this week and there may be a double shot of bacon going out this week.

I hope everyone had fun in Vegas. Ya'll were much too busy to DAS me so it must have been a blast. Summer 2008 is approaching as is the October birthday bash. I can wait. I'm a patient one.

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