Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It was Four years ago today

Actually, it taped in September but aired 12-12-03

It was my first trip to California (I've been three times since) and the first time I drove across the country (I've done it once more since). Entering Final Jeopardy, I was in second. I had a nice run in the first round but got tentative in the second and lost my button mojo to give the lead to a reference librarian from Oklahoma. It seemed to take forever to make my final wager and I still ended up making a bad one. When the question came out, I was stuck for a moment until I remembered a book series "The Great Brain" I had read as a kid. Even though it was set in Utah, it was at about the same time period and they collected this from ponds. It seemed logical to me and I wrote it down. After the show, they told me they were going to take a seven week break from filming in Culver City to tape the College Championship. Of course, I tell everyone I was a seven week Jeopardy! champ.

Molly: $15,200.00
Wes: $11,000
Tim: $6,800

Frederic Tudor became wealthy marketing this, which he took from a pond called Fresh Pond in Massachusetts


on_thg said...

Man, I *loved* the Great Brain series when I was a kid.

I looked and looked for a chance to get your bet down, but I never found the correct type of dealer. I suck.

Ignatious said...

holy crap - the great brain! talk about bringing back a random childhood memory.

fyi - would love to hear more Jeopardy anecdotes.

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