Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'm the charm

Luck is for suckers. It appears though, if you knock me out of the MATH you go on to win it. For the second week in a row, the Pirate Vanquisher has won the weekly event. This week it was JamyHawk who knocked out my mighty A9. Seriously, how can that hand be beat? I'm considering not playing any more of these things as I just can't handle losing almost half of these 60:40 hands. It's as though the poker gods were out to get me. At most I should be losing 1 or maybe 2 out of 10 of these type hands, right? I'm starting to believe this "rigged" talk I see going around the internet. It makes sense to me as a big money player. I play a lot of SNGs (at least 5 or 6) every week and that juice adds up for Full Tilt. At a dollar (sometimes .50 but not much more than most of the time) a pop, they have made literally hundreds off of me since I started playing there three years ago. When that kind of money is flying around, it stands to reason there will be shenanigans. Throw in an unexplainable loss rate with monsters such as the aforementioned A9 and there might be cause for some congressional hearings. Now, that's a group that has got it together and can get to the bottom of this mess.

I've got to pay off a bounty as my big mouth got me in trouble. I'll leave it up to the Hawk to contact me as I've got no idea what his blog address is. I'll probably keep the bounties going until I place in the MATH. It worked for me last year and past performance is always an accurate indicator of future events. I'm not superstitious though. That would be bad luck.


jamyhawk said...

Thanks for the links.

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Hilarious post. Nicely done!

jamyhawk said...

First of all: thank you for the bounty.

Before we received it, my wife: "no way we are eating something from somebody over the internet shipping it to us that we have no idea who it is!"

After we received two of her favorite foods in the world: "sweet, take him out of some more tournaments. we are so eating that stuff tomorrow".

Do you own the company or work for it?

BigPirate said...

Neither. They are a local company though and just a few miles from my office. It's a smaller, better version of Hickory Farms.

One of the other attorneys in the building gives out gift packs from there every Christmas and I always cook it on Christmas morning for the family.

I thought it was an appropriate bounty with all of the bacon talk that has been going around lately. Tell your wife it was shipped directly from the company. I ordered it from the website and never saw it before it went out. If I had, it may have been missing an item or two before it got to you.

jamyhawk said...

LOL. Well we certainly appreciate it. Thank you again.