Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm a bluffer! (depending on a variety of conditions that is a list much too extensive to get into here)

Playing in the Big Game last night, I picked up a fantastic O8 hand (AA24) and proceeded to bet the max on every round. On the final card I bet my AAAKK (no low possible) and was raised! Eek! I thought, he has KK and I am screwed. Looking back, I realized he is about the worst card player I have ever known who plays a lot of cards and I re-raised. He folded* (a call would have been less than 10% of the pot!!!) with the old, "I know you're bluffing but I'm going to lay it down." I smiled and mucked but he kept it up. Not being the one to give lessons, I held back as long as I could before finally telling him, "Please call me every time I bet, and if I raise, please re-raise. You'll win because you know I'll probably be bluffing." Of course, later in the night, I bet big with nothing and he folded a good hand. Does reverse psychology work on the truly dense card player?

*He had a K for trips and thought it might be good.

From Slate Magazine . . .
Family court judges cannot possibly do what they are charged with doing each day: split families in half without devastation. No mathematical formula can turn one income into two or allow the finances that supported one household to support two of them. Overnight, two full-time parents may be reduced to two half-time parents (in the best cases), and one child is magically expected to appear at two Thanksgiving dinners each year. It sucks. And faced with a legal pleading that on its very face reads Father v. Mother, parties are bound to become adversarial, and also bound to believe that one of them can "win" this thing.

You could not pay me enough to be a family court judge. Hell, I think they have the hardest job in the legal system and am as sympathetic to their position as much as anybody, but I still think they screw up a lot of the time. I used to tell my clients when I did Family Law, "there is no way somebody is going to listen to you and your spouse for a day and magically fix the problems you spent ten years creating just because they have a black robe." I don't take contested cases anymore. Maybe having all these kids running around has softened me. I still do Guardian ad litem work but there, I am looking out for the child's best interests (God help me when Mom and Dad both suck). Plan your childrearing and plan to stick around and put up with each other enough until you kids are grown. You had your childhood. Don't ruin theirs.

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