Friday, November 16, 2007

Bacon is Shippable!

As if you need another reason to play the MATH. Pork bounties on the Big Pirate! JamyHawk is now HammyHawk and shall be enjoying sweet, pork goodness from a local, Lexington County Company. You too can win valuable prized in the month of November. Just take me out of a MATH and send me your address and a few days later, you will receive something from the photo above. For any kosher friends, you will receive a suitable substitute.

No bounties for the Riverchasers events though as I rarely do well in those anyway. I did manage to make it into the 30s last night but got frustrated with the lack of traction and ended up going AI against one of my favorite bloggers with 36s. Now, before you go off on how dumb I am, realize I was a favorite and I had just run out of beer. Either way it turned out, I was going to bed.

Text results appended to pokerstove.txt

990 games 0.031 secs 31,935 games/sec

Board: 7s 9s 5d

equity win tie pots won pots tied
Hand 0: 51.162% 50.71% 00.45% 502 4.50 { 6s3s }
Hand 1: 48.838% 48.38% 00.45% 479 4.50 { As9c }

Out nowhere close to the money and I was off to bed. I was supposed to be in the Mt. Mitchell/Linville Gorge area right now hiking but a last minute emergency of someone else's doing is keeping me in the office for at least today. If the old gout toe doesn't get any worse, I might make it up there tomorrow. There will be no donkarama for me tonight as we have the Rockafella's Reunion going on in town. Rockafella's was Columbia's version of CBGBs. Live music 363 nights a year (No Christmas Eve and one night off for a Christmas Party) and I was there for a few thousand of those nights during its run. Go to the Rockafella's Reunion Myspace page and you can see a photo of the Pirate from back in the day. I'm the really handsome one.


lightning36 said...

Dang - this looks like the best bounty I've seen in some time. I'll be coming at ya with fork and knife in hand ...

Chipper (Dave) said...

Grats on taking down 1st place in our FantasySportsLive grouping yesterday. Looks like you knew the right players to start this week.