Thursday, April 19, 2007

One Day Should Not a Quitter Create-But I thought about it

1st hand of the night- 2/4 NL. 22 in BB. Mid-position player raises to 12, LP calls, I call. 38 in pot.

Flop is 2AK. Bingo! Lead out with 24 hoping Ax and Kx pop back. Both flat call. 110 in pot.

Turn is 3s. I bet 75. Call. Call.

River is 4s. I can't be scared of of a 5 here but that is the third spade but can't see anyone having a flush; that would just be rotten luck. I check to a induce the bluff from MP who complies, LP calls as do I. They both turn over flushes. LP had nuts and was looking for overcall from me. Mission accomplished sir.

Reload. Flop two pair with A7 two hands later. Bet hard to river where 44 picks up his set finally. Well played.

Determined not to blind myself to death in the Mookie, I make a horrendous call of an all-in bet with JJ. The board was all low and I just couldn't see my opponent playing a set that strong. They weren't. It was AA. I was out in Gigli.

26K on FT, I lose over half my stack on first hand, proceed to build back up to last to third hour and top 25% when someone calls my all-in with J9. A good call in retrospect as I had an underpair but really frustrating at the time as I had a stack big enough to hurt him. A J and a 9 came and I was out.

120+ SNG on Bodog. Three handed and I get KK v. TT all in pre-flop. T on flop. Ouch.

10K on Bodog. I grossly overplay AKc. Get a club draw and a chance to triple but am out early.

It just wasn't my night.

But don't cry for me Paraguay. I've got no room to complain. I almost said a curse word though when that third ten came out. Almost. Sorry about that. It won't happen again.

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