Thursday, May 03, 2007

Still Spring in South Carolina

The sundresses are out in full force. You need to come visit. The summer heat and stillness have not set in yet and the morning and evening still have breezes with the smallest hint of chill that are able to misdirect the few mosquitoes that have spawned. In a month, the humidity and temperature will become unbearable to many of you from drier or cooler climes (See: Derek. 2005 Brad-O-Ween). For now, though, we sit on our patios, sans repellent, sipping amber goodness, and await the hell that approaches with the passing of the Spring.

It looks as though we'll be able to sip more stylishly soon.

Special thanks to Bad Blood and Tommy who met me out in G-Vegas for lunch last week as I was up there on an errand. We spent about an hour talking poker and telling tales of rabbit shenanigans. I would encourage any of you with summer plans involving SC to contact me or the G-Vegas boys. Almost the entire state is reachable within two hours of my house and I think nothing of driving a good bit to share lunch.

The plans are to be in Vegas during the blogger invasion. As is my routine, I am planning on bringing the family. On my last trip in Summer 2005, my wife brought the swabs to the tail end of the Catina party. It gave her a chance to meet a few of the bloggers and get some idea of who I was talking about so much. This time, I would like to have dinner early one night where I can bring the family and have any of you who are able come and join us with your families or solo. As I will have a pass to run about Vegas during our time there, I want Deb to be able to meet some of you so she can accurately describe you in the police report. I'll post something soon and hope some of you are interested.

Oh yeah. Poker sucks but I still am playing. Who's the sucker now? Oh. It's still me? Damn it.

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Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Looking forward to meeting you in June, Wes.