Tuesday, April 17, 2007

MATH-Big Game-WWDN- How do you find the time?

Just an awful MATH for me last night. Couldn’t catch a card and ended up blinding down to a micro-stack and having no juice when I pushed with KK. Got called by the BB who picked up a runner-runner straight and I was out. In the points, but out. I feel like a NASCAR driver trying to avoid the big wreck so I can finish the race and get as many points as I can. Keep hanging around and I’m bound to win one soon, right? Right?

The Big Game went well on Sunday as I picked up 6th place money and points. I think this is the second month in a row I have barely avoided the Big Game Bubble to cash. I got lucky when my 88 held up versus QJs even though I was a HUGE favorite there to get in to the money:

equity win tie pots won pots tied

Hand 0: 50.947% 50.73% 00.22% 20846484 90402.00 { 88 }

Hand 1: 49.053% 48.83% 00.22% 20068008 90402.00 { QJs }

Unbelievably, I soon got knocked out on a hand in which I was even a BIGGER favorite:

equity win tie pots won pots tied

Hand 0: 54.984% 54.80% 00.18% 67564944 222444.00 { 77 }

Hand 1: 45.016% 44.84% 00.18% 55276056 222444.00 { AKo }

The winner made a straight on that one. I five-high straight. Such is life.

Just got back from a County building and got some interesting news about the big local game I used to play in from one of the regulars. Seems as though three players have been asked not to return to the club. Tow of them were members who had gone inactive but continued to come out and play cards while one of them was a small-time hustler who just showed up and played even though he never was a member. It is a good thing these three players are gone from my perspective. They usually were the ones I was splitting up chips with at the end of the night. All of these guys appeared to be clearing well in excess of any fees they would have paid. Cut off you nose. I haven’t played in this game since Queen Annie was born but it might be time to make a re-appearance.

Probably not going to play in the WWDN tonight. I actually played in it a few weeks ago during the home game, seeking advice from the table. As a group, we suck. Actually, I had AA cracked and went out mid pack but it was interesting to get everyone’s take on a hand. It might be something to try again when we play at my place. Are eight bozos smarter than one?

Oh yeah. Vegas.


TripJax said...

Complete domination on those two hands. Not exactly sure how you could have lost that one.

See you at the mookie tonight...

Anonymous said...

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