Monday, April 02, 2007

Close but no WSOP- Four going on 13-Marrying people is so fun, I might do it again-That river is damn cold

Ahh, the sweet smell of WSOP success. That should have been the headline but AJ is most definitely not gold. Not against AT at least. Oh well, it was a nice payday and I’ve still got some time to work my way into an event. On the cash game front, I continued to pick up big PP in awful position. Fortunately, I hit a couple of sets and stacked off some worthy adversaries. Anybody got a post for playing big PP out of position I can look at?

The wedding was a smash success except for my inability to correctly pronounce “declaration.” I didn’t bust out my new ordination papers but I have them if any of you are interested in tying yourselves into a knot or something like that. Also, The Most Reverend Al claims no one has allowed him to officiate a ceremony yet. That my friends is blasphemy. Somebody pick a girl or guy and thyself to Pennsylvania for a wedding.

I posted a couple of river pics last week and Scott made a nice comment about them. This is the lower-Saluda between Lake Murray and its convergence with the Broad to form the Congaree. I figured I would put a few more up to make everyone jealous. One of the great things about my neighborhood is that despite its serene woodiness, I am five minutes from downtown Columbia. That means I can leave the woods and be on the deck at any number of fine establishments in a heart beat.



Senior Swab Action Jackson is the big 04 today and is proud to let every one know it. I am a step-dad and that son was four when I met his Momma. Now that Action has reached that milestone, my parenting experience covers all ages of minor-dom. I just wish I knew a little bit more. Happy Birthday Big Guy! Please stay out of my toothpaste and away from sharpies. The couch is for sitting, not launching. Everything on your plate is NOT a finger food. When the cat’s ears are down like that, she does not want you to jump in her face and yell, “KITTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” While dog food is probably better for you than a happy meal, it is not for you to eat. Your brother’s arm is not supposed to bend that way. Your finger should not go in there. Daddy is not made of steel and does have some particularly sensitive areas. That being said, your mastery of the ancient martial art of nut-nit-sue is impressive. A flying elbow drop is an appropriate greeting only if you are ready to succumb to the Cobra Clutch. Yes, you can have a sip. No, you can not pour it on your brother’s head. When I tell you to hold the door for Mommy, I mean it. When I tell you I love you, I mean it more.

The MATH has moved over to Full Tilt. My second biggest nemesis in my gambling career (after UNC) is Full Tilt. Even with two final tables at the 24K, I am not a happy camper over there. My white whale awaits me tonight. I shall be there and the bounty shall be issued again to the Pirate Killer. Last week’s winner should be getting this soon.

The state tree of South Carolina is the Palmetto. On June 28, 1776, the British navy attacked the fort on Sullivan's Island commanded by William Moultrie. As I understand the history, the defenders had some advance notice of the attack and prepared the best they could for the bombardment they knew was coming. Running out of time and mortar, they Carolinians starting stacking palmetto trunks as makeshift ramparts with no real hope they would prove to be more than a minor inconvenience to the mighty Brit navy and its awesome firepower. Imagine their (and the British) surprise when the incoming shells struck the soft wood and merely sunk in rather than causing the expected damage. The old "soft wall" defense. Hell, I'm so proud of the accidental ingenuity of South Carolinians, I might send a flag this week if the winner wants it. It not, I guess you'll get a noogie if you live close enough.


Kevin said...

This is IslandBum1 and I hope you are a104l9 from the MATH tournament on 4/2. trying to get you and scott the difference but the transfer was declined, how can I get it to you guys, I have a paypal account if that helps. let me know, don't want to be considered a dead beat as a new person to that tournament.

Kevin said...

by the way my regular email is if you guys want to reach me.
sorry about this

Veneno said...

Jealous I the pictures.