Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Maybe Passive Aggressive?

Some call it passive. I call it patience.

I was on the bubble again, the short stack with one to be eliminated before the money. There was no panic. Instead, I waited and folded. And folded. And folded. Finally, the bubble burst and I was ready to make my move. Actually, I folded a little bit more. But then I moved, rapidly rising from the tail end to the top of the heap until there were naught but three left, Scott, New Guy, and me, the aarrgghhh guy. We were all sitting at around 22k in chips when Scott brought up the idea of a chop which was readily agreed to. There is some ongoing blogger challenge going on so we decided to play out for the points. Scott ended up knocking me out with Aces or something but ran into the new guy juggernaut a few moments later. I played fine but got extremely fortunate in a few hands. AK outran TT twice. JJ held up against AK. JJ caught a J against QQ. Most lucky of all, everyone folded when I raised with KK. KK were death to many a fine player last night. “KK. It’s the new QQ!” Five handed, I did pick up AA on consecutive buttons and did not get a caller to what I hoped were blind-stealing looking raises. Must have been all the folding I did before. It’s a cash though which means the bounties stop for a little bit after I get this last one out.

Also, I actually won two bracket challenges this year. I’ve never won one before so I am doubly surprised. The late round weighting of the Up for Sports bracket gave me a points win even though I tied for the top spots in correct picks and I flat out won a local bracket. Bragging rights don’t pay the bills but they piss of your friends, so I’ve got that going for me.

I have got to get off the schnide at the home game tonight. Is there a “I came in 3rd at the MATH” shirt I can wear to intimidate these guys?

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ScottMc said...

You played great last night! I hope that guy comes in with the money