Thursday, March 29, 2007

Quick and Dirty

Too much to do with a half day tomorrow as I need to get my ceremony ready for the wedding tomorrow night. I went ahead and got ordained by the ULC even though my status as a Notary Public authorizes me to perform wedding ceremonies in South Carolina. I guess I can come to your town now (or meet you in Vegas) if you would like me to perform yours. I take honorarium in increments of 750ml. C'mon, you need to reaffirm your vows don't ya?

Out in the Mookie like a monkey. Believe it or not, I bubbled in the 2nd Chance Mookie when my 75 lost to 65. I had better door cards when I started the raising but was killed down low. The blinds were so high, I was willing to push it to the end. Congratulations to the winners.

The MATH bounty is out to Waffles. Had to go a little different route this time as my usual vendor had a glitch in their system that I was just not patient enough to work through. So, no cheesy t-shirt for Waffles but hopefully something just as good. I plan on continuing the MATH Bounty tradition until I money in the damn thing. It could be a long Summer.

There are some amazing posts about cash games lately. Check out Blinders, Fuel, and Dumbasses Trump All in particular. I have played a lot of cash games recently and have changed my style so much based on the lessons I have learned and the things I have read. I have always been a Blinders type but am moving away from that a little bit. Unfortunately, I am not as disciplined as the other Wes and put too much of my roll at risk in any one game. I had an awful experience last night as I dropped my entire stack (I had almost tripled my buy-in) in two hands with AA. I had it dealt to me twice in three hands and crapped off 2/3 of my stack to a rivered two pair. Two hands later, I gave the rest to a flopped set of Kings. Both times, I was in awful position which gives me fits when I have big PP and get flat-called after the flop and turn. I don't know how bad I actually played the hands. The player who rivered the two pair calls raises with almost any two and vacillates between huge stacks and busto. The KK player is tight as a tick. I was ahead of the range I put them both on. Unfortunately, they were at the screw-me end of it. I still felt as though I had a good grasp of the table so I continued to play and got back my initial buy-in and actually ended up 30 or so for the night which is not nearly as nice as the four figure payday I was already spending but it may have helped in the "getting my mind right department." I would imagine great cash game players are able to withstand the downswings and recognize the value of continuing to play the correct brand of cards better than the rest of us who get pissed when we perceive we have been wronged and try to get it all back through sub-optimal play. Of course, if you play within your roll, that's a moo point. You know, like a cow, it doesn't matter.


AlCantHang said...

Welcome to the ULC, Rev. Pirate! That's where my reverend nickname came from although I have yet to find anyone with the guts to let me perform their ceremony.

notary public said...

For busy people, you may be invited to meet with them to perform the wedding ceremonies. I never really thought of the possibility that you can go across the state to perform ceremonies but yes, you gave me an idea on possible it is.

notary public said...

oopppsss...sorry about the typing error. what I was saying at the latter part of my comment is that "you gave me an idea on how possible this practice is."

thanks again :-)