Wednesday, March 07, 2007

What did the Bluesman's tombstone read? "I Didn't Wake Up This Morning"

Woke up Tuesday Morning

Poker on my mind

Gonna play some aggro poker

Gonna steal some blinds

Work day come and go

Gotta make the rent

Gotta wife and three love childs

Money already spent

Honey Say “you gotta watch the kids-

“I gotta date

“Down at the church for a circle meeting”

“Might be running little late”

Feed the kids and put them bed

Fire up the internet box

Log into poker goodness

Keeping an eye on the clock

Starting time at seven

Be lucky to make it by eight

Wife got a history

O f making me wait

She finally pull up

And I pull out

Hit the road to poker party

But my mind’s in doubt

Been running so bad

Boys, it ain’t been good

Pocket pairs not been holding up

As we know they should

Pick up a pair up early

Make a big bet

Frank on my right

You know what I get

A call from the man

Who likes to play a lotta hands

A turn card that scares me

I go in the can

“Check” says I

And Frank follows suit

Wait for the river

Ready to compute

An Ace appears

Like a knife in my side

Gotta check to Frank

Who says’ Let it ride”

“I got the Ace

“What you got Wes”

“Nothing so pretty”

I must confess

Fold away now

Till I get some cards

Already thinking about the weekend

Gonna work in the yard

Get big slick in a blind

Raise it up

Flop comes rags aplenty

Should throw AK in the muck

Call a big bet

Gonna put me all in

But its Mark who is betting

And we all know him

His hand could be a set

Or it could be total crap

I’m tired and hungry

Poker or a nap?

I decide to call

Put my tourney at stake

MMMM-Now I’m thinking steak

On a pretty blue plate

He flips over a pair

I got two chances left

To improve on my overs

Or I‘ll be bereft

No help comes

On the river nor the turn

“hey wait a second”

“Did you properly burn?”

His hand held up

Mine slipped behind

At least I didn’t get knocked out

Having to put in my last blind

I guess next week

I’ll be back to play

Don’t know why I bother

But I’m hear to say

That I’ll be back

To calculate some odds

And you can bet your last

That I’ll know the cards

That’ll give me a win

Or send me to bed

I’ll be playing poker

Until I’m Dead

One day I’ll start

Catching cards again

But till then I’ll keep

Putting my piggy money in

Finally at last

I got only one thing to say

And I’ll leave you alone

To go about your day

I got the Big Slick no catching, pocket pair getting outrun, funky bet no understanding, ca-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-hard playing blues.

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TripJax said...

damn dude.

good stuff!