Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hoy Recap

With blinds late in the 25/50 level, I raised 3x UTG with AA and got only one caller, a mid/late position player with about the same stack size as mine (low/middle of the pack). A completely raggy looking lop came out and I bet 3/4 pot which was flat called. Another seeming rag on the turn and I was all-in, getting called immediately by 76o for the turned straight.
My defense for losing all my chips there is that with the flat call of the pre-flop bet and the flop bet I figured my opponent for a pp or AK-AQ. The pot was sized so that any turn or river bet was going to get me all-in so I might as well be the aggressor and hope he is playing TT-QQ or something such as A9s for TPTK rather than a flopped set. I am completely out of position there, have to bet on the low flop, and don't want to open the door to a bluff if I check the turn. With a bigger stack, I might play that differently and if it had been earlier, I definitely don't go broke there; I lose a lot, but I don't lose it all.

Anyway, congrats to buddy BartonFA who is a semi-regular at our Tuesday night game and all-round good guy. I have no idea who inkmonkey (the player who knocked me out) is so if anyone knows, let me know so I can send a bounty.

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