Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Crushed in the MATH by Waffles; the bounty is yours oh exalted one. The Hammer doesn’t play too well against AA does it? It was probably the way I played it. Well, at least I didn’t bubble.

I will have a write-up about the boat soon. Thanks to all ya’ll who thought I was just turning 21 and would be going to a Casino for the first time. Alas, I am a middle-aged Big Pirate and merely meant I would be gambling legally in the sense that I would not be breaking any South Carolina laws as I would be three miles offshore. I gotta tell you, the 2/5 NL game was soft. I was the only player that bought in for the max. Most of the original ten players weak-tighted their 100-150 buy-in off to me and a LAG. I am definitely planning another trip out soon.

For now though, it is springtime in the Carolinas and there is no finer place to be.

My backyard. Yes, there are trout in there, but this is the big game.

Someone's looking to spray someone.

Azaelas are out in full.

This fell over the Winter. I don't know if you can tell, but it's big. It's going to be a hot Summer getting this cut up.

Pretty things in trees.

Pretty one day things in trees.

There is a highway of sorts behind my house.

This should look a lot different by next week.


Boneyardxxx said...

What kind of games are they spreading on the boats. As an upstater, the coast would be a fine trip.

BigPirate said...

On the Friday morning cruise, they have a $100 tournament plus 10 to the house and 10 more for an add-on. There were 51 people last week with a top prize of $1800. It is a crapshoot though with blinds doubling every 15 minutes.

The only two games I saw spread were 5/10 limit and 2/5 NL. The NL game had a max buy in of $400. They may do a 5/10 NL game but I did not see one. I was way too happy(drunk) to try to play NL that high. The 2/5 game was soft though and is worth the trip. I would reccomend going out twice at least (morning-evening or two consecutive evenings) as I had a much better time the second trip after getting my sea legs and figuring out how to score drinks after last call (the boat does not have a liquor license and can not serve inside the 3 mile line).

The Fri-Sat evening cruises are an hour longer so that gives you over four hours of gambling time. It's a fun time. The Holiday Inn about a mile away set us up with a shuttle and voucher for $10. The Shark's Tooth is a bar next to the dock that caters to the service industry crowd. I ordered 5 shots and a beer when we walked in and was charged $10.25. I hunkered down there until 4:30 a.m. and then took a $5 cab ride to the hotel.

The Cloud said...

Great pics BP.
From a townie with a secret yearning for a bit more fresh air :o)

jjok said...

nice pics man.

Kinda creeped out with that stack of caterpillars.......

Scott said...

Dang, that's a gorgeous river. I'm green with envy.