Monday, March 12, 2007

Pick Your Condiment

I’ve got that thing you don’t want to have. You know, relish, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, uh, malaise; yeah that’s it. The problem with my particular brand of poker malaise is sub-optimal play at all levels and the stepping further in to try to get out of a funky run. After brutalizing the short-handed NL tables at UB for the last month, I gave a large chunk of it back over the weekend. That, coupled with only one middling finish in an MTT meant my weekend was pretty crappy. How was yours?

In an effort to get the week on track, I will be playing in the MATH tournament yet again and there will be another fabulous bounty on my head for any skilled enough to knock me out. Good luck to me.

I don’t think anyone who reads here is a Grand Strand resident but, if so, I will be on the boat on March 23 drinking excessively and laying down the hammer. That, coupled, with a planned Tunica trip in April should satisfy the poker demons for a little while.

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