Tuesday, March 13, 2007

MATH Recap

Another final table at the MATH (is that really an accomplishment with only 2o-some players) and another short of the money finish. QQ v. KK is usually not a good spot to get in all yor chips and last night proved to be no exception. I owe Bayne a bounty and a link even with a Cubs reference. (I refuse to feel any sypathy at all for a Cubs fan as they get to sit in the afternoon sun 60+ days a year and drink beer). On a high note, al lof the talk of bloggers going back to SNGs has inspired me to get back to my roots with great results so far. This time, I plan on playing much fewer at a time as I got burned out playing 4-8 at once, seeking that samll return over a large sample. I hope to be content with a larger ROI over a smaller sample which I know means less profit long-term. It will preserve some sanity though.

If by chance, you are not linked and you would like to be, let me know and I will respond sometime this year. I guarantee it will increas eyour traffic by some nominal amount.

More home game shenanigans tonight. I found out Sunday there was a little blow-up last week after I left. In a group that has been playing together every single week for four years now, I think one set of ruffled feathers once a year or so is pretty amazing. Unlike the last one, I don't think there was any actual bloodshed so the story won't be THAT interesting but it should have some entertainment value.

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