Monday, March 26, 2007

I'm Not Running Bad, But . . .

The bubble streak ended with a win at CCs Bash Thursday night. Katitude hit it for third and Lightning came up in second. I played pretty well and was able to keep aggressive most of the time without falling into my old habit of shutting down for circuits at a time. Kat made mention she wasn't having as much fun in the blogger events. Hey, I've been there. I hope I didn't have any hand in her issues though. I always feel a little self conscious at these things as I am not much for the chat thing. First off, I am usually playing 3 or 4 games and find it hard to chat and play. Secondly, unless I am nigh-inebriated, I'm just plain shy. I have and shall continue to try to be more gregarious.

The bubble came back with a vengeance Saturday night.

equity win tie pots won pots tied
Hand 0: 84.564% 84.38% 00.19% 104024052 231930.00 { KK }
Hand 1: 15.436% 15.25% 00.19% 18797976 231930.00 { J9o }

I was holding KK in the big blind as one of the short stacks. There were five or so of us with Ms of about 5 so I wasn't feeling absolute pressure yet. With only one player to be knocked out before cashing, I was content to fold to any aggression until I picked up this monster. It folded to the SB who made the completely sensible move of pushing me all-in. He did not have a monster stack but would have been in late position with some chips if I called and he lost and probably would have been able to fold to the money. Now, this wasn't a 10 or 20 buy-in event where I stood to make 16.50 if I cashed. Any top half finish would have been a boon and just cashing was a very nice double up. A win pushes my M up to 10 with position at the table so I gotta call, right? I did and the J and the 9 came on the flop. Now, I am a cool customer when it comes to getting knocked out but I made the biggest mistake I have made in a while and hit the blackjack tables at 50 a hand until I bled off enough to make me realize I am an idiot. It takes me a while to realize because I actually am an idiot. See how that works? Because I am so dumb, I don't realize how dumb I am. It takes a while. A long while. A while where I went from having a nice bankroll to a time where it was not so nice. Oh, that's right. I'm an idiot. I should have that printed on my mouse.

It was back to blogger goodness Sunday where I did not bubble but came within two and three spots of doing so in each tournament. The British Bloggers threw a bash and invited the World. A few of us responded to the challenge and made a pretty fair showing with 3 of the final 6 coming from our side of the Atlantic. I will say the Brit bloggers add flair to the chat box and hope to see more of them in the events even though it requires them to stay up til the dawn's early light.

Night time brought the WPBT Razz event where I got some points but no monetary satisfaction. I am very pleased with my game though and was able to take down many hands by actually betting when I was supposed to. What a concept!

Tonight of course is the MATH and along with some more Pirate Bounty Goodness. Last week's victor received a t-shirt with this lovely image:

At this rate, you all will be wearing pirate gear by the end of the year.

This week's Pirate Beater gets something at least as good as the microwave omelet I received on the boat Friday. Good luck to all. But you. And you. And that guy.

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littleacornman said...

GG last night mate.Hope to see you at future games.( linked you up too).