Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tuesday is Live Poker Day!

Back to the home game tonight. My turn to host so that means I have to pick up a bottle of scotch on the way home. We somehow got a hold of a sampler pack of single malts from Ted Turner's swag closet (friend of a friend of a friend who knows a guy or something) and proceeded to break them out last week and pass them around the table. As a long-time bourbon drinker, I am amazed at my quick conversion. So, I 'll be a kid in the candy store after work looking for the night's booty. Probably Macallan but who knows? See, poker is broadening my horizons and turning me into an Epicurean. I used to drink Busch and Evan William with Mountain Dew (how West Columbia is that?). Now I drink unpasteurized, cask beer and sip single-malts neat.

I had decided to ramp up my aggression in the Hoy last night which is an absolute necessity in that game. As a result, I went to under T300 chips in the first orbit when AK lost to A9 on a board of A5956. I can't imagine I played it well but I was almost out so there was no time to dwell on it. I was relieved not to be the first one out and after a triple-up, I felt as though I still had a chance. Pocket pairs holding up against overs got me to the final five and I was in a pretty reasonable position when I rivered an A against Hoy. Then someone obviously flipped the switch that exposed my cards to everyone. At a final table where players were pushing almost indiscriminately with a wide range, I picked up AA and KK within three hands. Both times, everyone folded to a 3x raise. I should have just pushed all-in to disguise the strength. A fifth place finish was my destiny. Oh yeah. Somebody stop Fuel. It might take a tank right now but someone needs to try.

Anyway, a bounty to WigginX who is a new face for me (as I am for him I reckon).


Fuel55 said...

Stopping me is pure folly! Just roll over and ship me your chips!

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Not sure what happened, but you are 100% correct, I could see every hand you were dealt at the final table.

Seriously, nice job staying alive last night at a redickulously call-happy table (mostly Fuel, who are we kidding). And that AK hand, that was just a bad ass beat IMO. Yeah you could have laid it down with only one pair, but you just had no way of knowing for sure you were beat there. I almost always lose when my AK is up against a lower Ace (which I usually know, from the action in the hand) and the lower Ace happens to make two pairs.

Nice job, fun playing with you as always.