Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Live Game Almost Fixed

It was a hot time at the old home game last night. The new guy picked up AA twice in a row, doubling up the first time going boat over boat. The second time, against the same player, he made a 10x raise, only to get called. He went all-in on a J high flop and was called immediately by JJ. "How the hell can you call that raise preflop? I bet 10x th blind." He obviously doesn't know live poker is rigged.

I am not going to say I have ever been the best player at our table, but I have been the most consistent. That consistency has cost me lately though. I have been playing the exact same way for too long now: super tight pre-flop and super aggressive if the board hits me. The problem with that is that all someone has to do is call me pre-flop and if the flop comes all low, bet me out. My stubborn ass ignored this weakness until last night. I changed up by raising automatically if I was first in from middle position on back. There were no 3x raises either, always more. I then bet every flop I saw, taking down most of them uncontested. I feel like an idiot for letting this go on so long. It is easy to drop into playing too tight though. It is preached as the "correct" way to play. Few others at our table feel that way though and they should be punished for calling raises indiscriminately with no plan of attack for the follow-up; it's the old call and pray technique.

I won't be in the Mookie tonight as I am busto at Full Tilt due to piss poor planning. A Princess of the South is trying to direct me some funds but I have to figure out how to get her compensated. I am slow but dogged, maybe by next week

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