Wednesday, March 18, 2009

If I won the lottery . . .

I would not be going to play in this poker game tonight. There is too much smoke and too many comments that make me uncomfortable.

If I won the lottery and did not have to worry about money, I would still play in my Tuesday night game with the .25-1 spread limit. I like those guys.

I have not won the lottery. In fact, I haven't even played in awhile. In double fact, I think it is rigged as I have bought a few dozen tickets over the years and haven't won yet. The lottery is so rigged.

So, I am about to go play cards. For the money. Dad always said, "If you can't afford to win it, you can't afford to lose it." Well, I can't afford to lose it, but I am going anyway. If form holds, I will walk out happy. Coughing and with indigestion, but happy.

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