Monday, March 17, 2008

Boy, did I smoke some tasty wings and pork loin this weekend. But this is a poker blg.

It was a somewhat successful weekend. I played a lot of PLO8 last week on FT. I culminated a fantastic run Friday night crushing on two table and thinking I had mastered the game. On Saturday, I gave most of it back. As my confidence is not extremely high, I have been buying in short to limit losses. Of course, that also makes decisions much easier when the pot gets any size to it. On Sunday, I looked up and saw Daddy sitting beside me and Drizz siting a few seats to my left. I checked my hand history and saw that Drizz had been there for more than fifty hands while Daddy had been there a dozen or so before I noticed them. Now, was I concentrating really hard to ensure I was playing optimally, or was I watching Dogfights on the History Channel a little too intently.

After reviewing my MTT play lately, I realized I had none other than the blogger tournaments. So, I decided to jump into the 50/50 waters on Saturday and pulled out a money finish even with my big, bubble mistake. Massive MTT play requires a bankroll big enough to sustain the inevitable run of non or low cashes. Since 2006, I haven't kept enough in Full Tilt (or anywhere else) to be able to play more than the occasional tournament. Couple that with a really bad stretch of play, my play, in the few events I do enter. Therefore, I am foolish to enter them at all unless I am willing to run the risk of zeroing out online. I was fortunate to get my entry back and then some, so I will probably make another run at it next weekend when I don't have to get up early the next morning.

Now this aversion doesn't apply to blogger events. I rule those! Case in point: I stepped over the pond to play in the Brit Blogger event Sunday and came in 3rd. I got a little lucky early and late to make a run, but just couldn't pull it off. I plan on continuing my run at the MATH tonight by going for my third win in seven weeks. [[Flash forward to March 2009: "Going for my third win in 59 weeks!"]] The crowds in the BBT3 have not been as large as I thought after the first two events, but they are still pretty substantial. My confidence is high that I will win one of the TOC seats. It would be nice to get it out of the way soon though.

See y'all there.


Rosie said...

Well played in the blogger last night - nice to meet you and hope you can play again soon

Drizztdj said...

Even Al tried to wake you up :)