Monday, March 31, 2008

It's a Whole Lotta MATH Tonight

Drink at least two beers really fast. Go sit in any vehicle made prior to 1986 or so. Push in a Let There Be Rock cassette, forward it to Whole Lotta Rosie, and turn it up LOUD. It may be the best rock and toll song ever.

In honor of Angus' 53rd birthday, I shall play the MATH tonight. If I win, I will send part of my winnings to anybody in Australia who will go buy a beer and drink it on my behalf at Bon's statue.

I'm really down after a bad run. Not the Big Game last night though; that was my fault for pushing into what was an obviously better hand. The re-suck did hurt for a moment but I had no business being there anyway. Watch out tonight. I might not play 8% of my hands.

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Lord_Wolff said...

While I would like to help you out, I'm in Canberra and his Statue is in Perth, the other side of Australia.

Perhaps a Scottsman would do for you though, they did put up a stone memorial for him somewhere in Scotland as well.