Friday, October 12, 2007


The Wednesday night poker group listens to the most unpalatable music channel available during the game. Most of these guys missed the good music period that preceded and post-ceded their youth and we get stuck listening to the most insipid tripe created. This week though, some of the guys had put some action on the Navy-Pitt game and we watched that. I noticed myself watching the game on TV rather than the one at the table often even though I have no allegiance to either team nor any stake in the outcome. The question is, did I play more correctly by having a distraction or less so?

Watching the game gave me something to do when I wasn't involved in a hand. I know what I should be doing in such a situation but I have this table pretty well pegged without having to maintain hyper-focus. This available distraction may have made me play a little tighter. I played few hands but had a very nice night.


I may have folded some hands that were +EV as I had the excuse of the game to watch. Generally, I am a very tight player but a couple of the crew took particular notice of it that night. Even with the table being as loose as it is, I don't need to get to the point where the normally unobservant are noticing my constant folding. Most of our pots are cheap to get into. We might be playing a spread limit, 5-100 game but they allow "kill" calls that limit raises after three kills have been made. We played 9 handed most of the night and there were 6-9 players in every pot pre-flop. Limping in this game is probably a very small leak if it is a leak at all.

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TripJax said...

It's a home game that you know pretty well, so nothing wrong with enjoying the other things going on in the room.

Somebody needs to bring their XM radio boombox to the game so you can have an array of channels to choose from. Out of the number of players, surely one of them has that right?

Try throwing porn on the tv next time. And make it one you've seen plenty of times. You will definitely win cause you won't need to watch, but all the other guys will be staring at the tv instead of their cards. Winner winner chicken dinner!