Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Distractions II

Muddling along in the MATH with a little less than my starting stack, Bayne raised from late position to 350 with the blinds at 50/100. I re-raised too much with AQs and couldn’t justify a fold when he went all-in. There are only two hands that he could have held that would have been a –EV call for me so I followed the math. He had KK which was not awful for me but I couldn’t catch up and was out in the middle of the pack. Of course, during this time period, I was frantically searching for the source of a catcraptastic stench that was enveloping me. The cat had bolted from the room a few minutes before, leaving behind a truly awful stench. It lingered too long not to have some solid basis and I was searching high and low while trying to play the three tables I was playing at the time. If I had not been otherwise occupied, I maybe could have re-raised an amount that would have defined his hand better and allowed me to get away from mine. No such luck though and the cat is banned from the room in the future while I am playing.

Project 40

1. Write a novel. (NaNoWriMo should help me accomplish this)

2. Get to target weight.

3. Make tangible progress towards my next career. (Ten years is enough)

Buddy Steve once told me that, when working with the various bands he managed, that he would make a to-do list of ten items and immediately strike three off as he knew there would be no way he would get all ten accomplished in a day. Well, I’ve established three goals for the next year. I hope to reward myself with an AlCan’tHang type experience one year from today.

Today in music history

1999 Singer Ella Mae Morse, who cut Capitol Records' first million-selling single, "Cow Cow Boogie," in 1942, dies of respiratory problems in Bullhead City, Ariz. She is 75.

1990 Jazz drummer Art Blakey dies in New York City. Age 71.

1986 Chuck Berry plays his 60th birthday concert in St. Louis.

1973Drummer Gene Krupa dies of leukemia at the age of 64.

1972 Creedence Clearwater Revival announces its decision to split up.

1966 Joan Baez is one of 124 anti-draft protesters arrested at a military induction center in Oakland, Calif.

1964 Composer Cole Porter dies at the age of 71.

1956 Elvis Presley's first film, ``Love Me Tender,'' premieres.

1951 Little Richard holds his first recording session in Atlanta.

1938 Christa Paffgen is born in Cologne, Germany. She takes the moniker Nico before moving to New York to do a brief stint as frontwoman for The Velvet Underground.

Nothing much to say about that list other than it’s not a good days for drummers. One time we were playing Squeaky’s Tip Top in Augusta and there was an old English guy yelling in between songs, “play some Gene Krupaaaaa!!” That’s all I got. I shall celebrate by eating Tex-Mex and drinking cask strength single malt.


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Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Just wanted to stop by and say gg from last night. Well played in the heads up match. Tough to not win a seat when you get that far but still, very well played. GL in rest of the BBTwo.

KajaPoker said...

Just wanted to say I think you played that TT vs 55 hand great yesterday in the MATH.