Monday, October 01, 2007

Actually, I Play Every Day

Monday-The MATH and a couple of other low buy-in, low player # MTTs
Tuesday-"Fun" home game with much liquor and limited stakes
Wednesday- "The Big Game" I've got no business playing these stakes but s.o.f.t.
Thursday - Small MTTS- some ring online, SNGs
Friday - Small MTTs- some ring online, SNGs
Saturday - ditto
Sunday - Bigger MTTs, SNGs

I used to play 5-8 SNGs at a time. I got burned out. Now, I play one.
I used to play massive MTTs nightly. I got tired of playing for five hours and winning $30. Now, I play MTTs that last 2 hours.
I used to play the Tuesday night game for blood. Now, it is for beer.
I used to play the Wednesday night game in fear. Now, it is for blood.

I used to be a happy poker player. Now, I'm happier.

One day I will write a poker book. One that actually would be helpful for most players. The theme will be to play poker for fun without losing your ass. I no longer feel the urge to constantly judge my play by the rising stakes. I am at a level where the money is truly not important and it is all about the game. Zen.

Play the MATH. I will suck out on you with 68s. Please rant in chat when I do so. I will smile and send you a t-shirt.

password: hammer

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