Monday, September 17, 2007

I Play Poker Every Once in a While

Contrary to recent posts, I do play poker on occasion. Actually, I am usually playing every night though I have cut down the amount of multi-tabling I do and I have all but cut out the massive MTTs to ensure I get to bed at a reasonable hour. The short term results seem very positive with the increased concentration I am able to put on each play. I'll try to translate that to the MATH tonight.

I read a very interesting post on Gary Carson's site a few days ago. If I remember correctly, it was about not relying so much on a base framework of play when making decisions. I don't remember it well enough to write in detail yet, but I will review and hopefully get something up on it (or at least get something out of it). It made me think though, as I realized I do a lot of things at the table because that is the way I always do things at the table. In doing so, I may be creating a narrative to support my play rather that making the correct play to begin with. If anyone knows what that means, please let me know.

Go sign up for the MATH. It's not Un-American.

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