Tuesday, July 31, 2007

MATH was never my strong suit

Donked out completely last night in the MATH by giving away too much of my stack early on a weak hand I bet too strongly. Gave a little more away on a scary board which saved part of my stack. Gave the rest away with an unimprovable AK versus QQ. I might have to bounty myself again to get the ball rolling. Another SC fella took it down anyway. I'll get some if it back from him in tonight's home game.

I've got no room to complain about the BBT freeroll being rescheduled and everyone starting over as I was playing live at the time of the last one. Thursday works much better for me and I plan on being there. I am glad to be in it with a full chip stack. That being said, I am glad the whole thing is starting over with the eliminated players. MiamiDon said it best in Hoy's comments: it is the same scenario as a baseball game getting rained out before it becomes official. Start it over as though it never happened. Nobody put up any money for this tournament (discounting entry fees for the regular BBT events). Somebody is always going to complain about something though. Hell, complaining makes some people happy. Boycotts make me happy. If you don't like something, don't participate. Better yet, set up your own series and do all the work. I'll play. I've got no problem playing by your rules if you are doing all the work. If the rules become untenable, I won't play. Better yet, I won't make a post bitching about it. Geesh.

There I go complaining now. I'm sorry. My nuts hurt. I had my "procedure" done Thursday. You know, the one that ensures that the swabs will have no future competition for their inheritance (not that there will be one). I was told it would feel like two big bee stings and then a bit of pulling and pressure. On the second "sting," I stated, "That doesn't feel anything at all like a bee sting. It feels as though you are sticking a needle in my scrotum." I was alert throughout the procedure as the juice they gave me before hand had no appreciable affect on my big ass. The local worked out until a particularly vigorous tug made me jump. "Did that hurt?." "Just a bit," I squeaked. I actually had a pretty good view of everything as the overhead fixture reflected the proceedings well. It was over in twenty minutes and I appear to be recovering well. I just hope the sympathy that is being extended now will last until I can act upon it. Break-up? Make-up? Conjugal visit? Fugitive? Me, I'm looking for worry free.

Alright, I will bounty myself for the freeroll to make up for any snarkiness. Pirate bounty shall be shipped via Cape Horn to any that dare to knock me out.

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lightning36 said...

"Just a bit," I squeaked.

He he - laughed at that but didn't want to start thinking too much about what was going on...