Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hump Day comes early for the virtuous

My weekend starts Tuesday about 5:30 when I pull in to the pre-poker happy hour. This week is the Publick House, a place that started as a wing delivery service and mutated into a decent place to get a drink and raw fries.

Tuesday is going through a transition. We have had more defections from long-time players with no more explanation than, "I just need a break." Fortunately, we have plenty of alternates who are willing to jump in a keep the table full but it is a little sad to lose guys who have been stalwarts for over three years.

Is the poker boom over? This game actually started before the 2003 WSOP but that event definitely strengthened it. Most of the guys played online and were up for playing live almost any time for a while there. Now, I am the only one left who still plays online and it is almost impossible to get any of them interested in a game any other night of the week.

What has kept Tuesday going as strong as it has? In my mind, Tuesday is not about poker. If it was, I probably wouldn't be playing as I could play for bigger stakes elsewhere. Tuesday is the weekend, and there is no way I am going to quit the weekend.

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