Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Might be the topper . . .but it could get worse

I forgot to mention this tidbit. The gout toe set in last night. I've always considered myself as one able to tolerate pain reasonably well. I might curse and moan for a bit, but I rarely let an injury or ache stop me from doing what I want to do. I played football with deep thigh bruises that made it difficult to walk. I once played with a 103 temperature as it was our rival school. I calmly told my mother I was playing and there was no need to even talk to me about it. I've had my share of non-sports aches and pains as well, but I gotta tell you. There is nothing I have ever experienced that compares to an acute case of gout. I got my first severe case about a year ago. I found out that I had been having "milder" bouts for a few years but I always thought they were strains from sleeping with my ankles crossed. When it set in in my big toe, I thought I had stubbed it somewhere. The pain started as a slight twinge that escalated to a dull ache that manifested the next morning as a shiny, red, swollen, HOT POKER IN THE JOINT OF MY BIG TOE pain that kept me from walking. For the next week, I could not stand any weight on my foot. Not an ice pack, nor a heat pack, not a sock, not a sheet. The breeze from the ceiling fan blowing on it hurt like hell. I don't want to exaggerate but it was bad like Leroy Brown. Hopping on my good foot hurt it. If I could have got to the kitchen, I would have taken a knife and sliced open the skin above the joint to relieve the pain. That was a real thought that entered my head. I've since had two others tell me they considered shooting their toe in an attempt for relief. Rational pain I can take. Irrational pain hurts as no other. The kids weren't allowed to touch Daddy. If I could have, I would have retained armed guard dogs. Eventually, the pain receded and I was able to limp around. For weeks though, it lingered. Advised to lay off of many of my favorite foods, I resolved to make sure it never came back. I had two much less painful episodes over the next six months (one diagnosed by an orthopedist who saw me limping at an office visit for Senior Swab) and finally got the NP to give me a prescription. It's been sitting unfilled for six months as I lost some weight and was hoping I had the problem kicked (I don'). I filled it at 6 am today and have taken my first two doses. If I wake up tomorrow as I did that day a year ago, there will be no use for vacation. C'mon science! Do your stuff.


Fuel55 said...

No asparagus, cauliflower or rare steaks. I had a bout of gout after having a cast removed and it hurt like fawk.

SirFWALGMan said...

HAHA Gout Sucks man! Welcome to the Old Guys club..