Tuesday, April 10, 2007

They Play Hardball

Dear Bounty Police,

I know I was slack in getting out the latest MATH bounty to the Pirate Killer. You see, the problem was that he wears an unusual size and it took a while to find a merchant who carried gorilla sized merchandise. I appreciate the serious way you view this matter as I believe in the honor of the bounty and believe that bounty offered should be bounty sent promptly. Making me lose with QQ in the latest MATH as a penalty may have been a bit of overkill but I understand. Your message is one of tough love and I can live with your decision. Rest assured, the bounty has been sent and should be received before the next MATH. I will be happy to forward the tracking number to you so you may know its progress. Most of all, I just want to make sure I will not be punished again next week for this transgression. I do not think I can take another 55/45 favorite losing again so soon. Once a month I understand, but once a week is just cruel. Until next time, I remain,

Faithfully Yours,

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JvilleWhip said...

Damn bounty police!