Friday, April 13, 2007

How Did Your Weekend Start?

An attorney in the building asked me to be present when he had to fire an assistant this afternoon. Always a stickler for propriety, he wanted to ensure there would be no confusion in the future about what happened in the room. It's hard for me to be invisible being a gorilla and all, but I damn sure tried.

In the token frenzy last night we got down in to the final 20 with 17 getting tokens and 18-20 getting some cash. I was in the BB with a small stack. A mid-position player made a standard raise. BuddyDank went all-in with a very short stack on the button and the SB called. What should I do with KK?

Call the raise which puts me almost all-in and hope the flop comes friendly?
Raise all-in with the knowledge I am not going to chase either of the big stacks out?
Fold and hope three players bust before the antes and blinds eliminate me?

Given more time to think, I probably would have folded. I would have been in the SB next, then a round of antes. With the blinds at big levels and a number of shorter (before my BB) stacks, I probably would have earned the token. On the clock though, I froze and went AI with the thought I was in a situation where I was going to quadruple and be assured of a token or I was going to get my entry fee plus a few bucks if I lost. In 21st, I fold and hope for the luck.

At least I didn't screw Buddy as he turned over KK too. Of course the SB had AA and we were out. Luckily for me, I was going for a bonus token and will be at the Big Game Sunday barring outside events.

Tonight I get to play in a free roll for the top 100 cash games players at TP over the first half of the month and another one for all players who have had AA cracked so far this month. That should be a tourney full of kvetchers. Last month, they had a freeroll for all players who had AA cracked OR any player that won a pot with 72o in the first two weeks. "THE HAMMER," you have got to be kidding me. I qualified seven times and never had AA cracked. I live it baby.

There is a WSOP bracelet race for bloggers coming up on April 29. Look around and you will find the information. I am still harboring dreams of sending someone to the main event though. My proposal last year was 100 players at 100 apiece with the winner getting a Main Event seat and places 2-11 getting 5% of the winner. I don't think we can get 100 to play for those stakes but can we get 50 to play at 200 or some other stake.? I'm game.


Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

I can't even play in the Main Event this year but I would still happily put up $50 into a 200-person WSOP ME satellite.

BuddyDank said...

Oh man what I would have given to be in your seat. When I called his bet I just figured both of you would fold but No. SB has to wake up with rockets. I'm not sure I would have folded from the BB but there is a much larger chance that I would have compared to being on the button. And I can't really say that I've ever seen a hand go down quite like that. Do you know what the MP raiser had? My hand history didn't save so I can't check.

I guess I 'll just have to try again tonight. Hope I'll make it and see you on Sunday.

Fuel55 said...

I'd be than happy to play in a $100 sat to the ME with profit sharing to the final table. Sounds awesome.