Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ten minutes to talk about Fifteen

5:15 pm

To anybody I may have offended with the use of the greeting “Hey” in chat, please let me explain. Imagine it with the lilting diphthong, “Haaaaaaya.” That’s a southern hello reserved for those we are pleased to see again. It bears no resemblance to the northern “Hey! Get your ass over heah!”

Ten minutes of my life gone. Trying to make every moment meaningful is futile. Trying to make every word gold, unbelievably egotistical. Grab what you got, hunker down, and enjoy it until it is time to move on. The best advice I have seen lately is from some dumb magazine telling people how to live the “good life.” In dealing with work, the boss said that he always imagined that he was only going to be in the office for fifteen minutes. He would then ask himself, “What HAS to be done?” Appropriately prioritized, he would get the important done things done first.

Apply this to your life. You have fifteen minutes before you leave on a two-year circumnavigation in your trusty pirate ship. What do you do before you go? If I did this once a week, I imagine my peace of mind would skyrocket. I’ll let you know.

5:25 pm