Monday, March 27, 2006


After reading the initial reports from the Playboy Mansion I got to thinking about the fact that these guys could thank their blogs for getting them in the gates. It made my reflect on the benefits my silly little diary and poker game have bestowed upon me over the last year and a half. The obvious benefits are the meeting of like-minded souls in the virtual realm as well as in the real world via the get-togethers. Also, the learning opportunities are obvious as some of you are fantastic players and teachers. None of this involves semi-nude girls though. Oh wait, there was Brad-o-Ween wasn't there? Never mind.

Also, I got to play in the WSOP which would have happened eventually, but winning a WPBT WSOP qualifier last year moved it way up. That trip led to a wonderful vacation through the desert into northern California, down the coast, and provided memories for a lifetime.

Now, I get to go to the Final Four. How do you figure EV on these non-monetary benefits?

6:00 pm

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TeamScottSmith said...

I think fake Hooters girls can be even more fun than real Hooters girls.