Monday, March 27, 2006

10:26 am

Grubby is back. That makes me smile.

So, I was sitting at the Aladdin Tournament during the 2005 WPBT Summer Classic and introducing myself to everyone at the table. Two seats to the left of me, I shake hands with one of my brethren. He gives his name and I obviously give off no glint of recognition. He sighs and says, "Grubby from Poker Grub." Good gracious, I was sitting by one of my Big 3 and I fumble the intro. It's good to see a new post and that he is GMU alum. Now, I've a team in the Final Four.

Titan has come through with the cash in lieu of plane tickets for travel to Indianapolis. I asked for vouchers for future travel but cash works too. The tickets will be waiting at the hotel in Plainfield. I have the Final Four just below the Super Bowl in perceived level of importance in the U.S. sports scene in my mind so this is a big deal for me. Two SEC schools will give it a southern flair. This may not be such a good thing. Tell Indy to get the bourbon ready and anybody who sells grits should put out a banner advertising the fact.

My tournament game is killing me right now. Have been trying to retool to position myself to make deeper runs and the only thing that has happened is that I am going deeper into my bankroll. I need a Coach.

10:36 am

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