Thursday, February 09, 2006

No Poker Weekend

Heading out tomorrow for the third annual Winter Camping Trip. We are going to hit Hunting Island this year and am taking the senior swab for the first time. What the hell can you do at the beach in the middle of winter with an almost three year old? Well, I'll tell you next week.

While I'm gone, somebody tear up those $50+5 SNGs on Party. I want them primed when I get back.

Also, go tell Joe Speaker he's your hero. Don't lie now, you know he is.

Quit sending your thoughts to BG. Send cash (HeyKidsItsBG on Poker Stars). I thought we were going to be in a similiar situation here with Buddy Steve a few months ago but everything worked out. Hell, he didn't really use the other leg that much.

You all rock. I suck. I'll try harder this month.


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