Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Interim Post

I’ve got a million things to write about but the poker addiction keeps getting in the way. On the heels of my best month ever live, demonstrably, and what I will call my best online month (I’ve had bigger months but they involved high places in MTTs), I am muddling through an ordinary February. The SNGs have been running in single digit ROIs (looooowwwwwww single digits) but I’ve rediscovered my NLHE ring game chops a bit to stay ahead of the red reaper. I will be back in a few days with what I hope to be a quality post. Some topics I am kicking around are:

How to make MTTs easy.
The art of “No Peek” games in dealer’s choice.
Why poker kicks us in the balls (or ovaries) and we keep coming back for more?
Where in the world did all these new blogs come from and why you should be reading them?

I’ve got a few others I’m thinking of and hope to have a busy Spring on the posting front.

My favorite quote of 2006 . . .

Someone asked buddy Steve who he was pulling for in the Super Bowl and he said, “I guess the Seahawks, because the governor of Washington never put together an army and burned down my state.”

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