Wednesday, May 18, 2005

"You see you have a problem don't you?"

These are not the words you want to hear from cusotmer support. Yesterday, I faxed my voter registration card to Noble in an attempt to prove I was who I said I was. I received an e-mail informing me that the address on the card was different than the one on my account. Sinking feeling. As is my SOP, I used my P.O. Box as my address when registering. "Jennifer" said I would have to fax a picture ID with the P.O. Box address. Of course I informed her that no one would issue an ID without a street address. I explained the P.O. box was used for e-bay transactions primarily and that I recieved no utility bills nor any other items there that could confirm my identity. That is when she busted out the title of this post. After consulting with someone off-line, she came back and told me she could change my account information if I sent a photo ID and a bill with my name and address. I will try that in the morning. As my driver's license contains my old address on its face (my new address is cleverly concealed in the magnetic strip) I decided to go ahead and renew a few months early and get my new address printed on the card. When I tried that, DMV informed me my license was suspended for non-payment of insurance. Three months ago, I switched auto insurance and the new carrier did not file the proper form to show continuous coverage. For two weeks, I have been driving around suspended. A phone call and a fax fixed the problem with the insurance. Now I am going to send an ID with an issue date of today along with a bank statement and hope it is sufficient for Noble's needs. Can I sue if I do not get my money before the WSOP fills up? I like to sue sometimes. It really gets the point across. What could be difficult about tracking dwon a questionably legal overseas entity, serving them with pleadings, and winning a judgment based on the premise they denied me a shot at boo-coo bucks in a NL poker tournament? They'd probably whip out the Chewbacca defense. Hopefully, this discussion will be moo tomorrow. You know, like a cow.


Maudie said...

Wes - could you shoot me an email? maudie.b at gmail d com

Sparky said...

Blimey! A patch of rough water there, sailor.

Best wishes on a quick and succesful resolution to your string of misfortune.

BadBlood said...

Man that blows. It will be worth the effort though.

In other news, I did receive my cashout request from Noble to Neteller without any blood, stool or urine samples required.

BigPirate said...

I am thinking of sending a stool sample.

Ignatious said...

i emailed my contact there (for whatever thats worth) - hopefully they'll resolve this asap.

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