Friday, May 20, 2005

Almost there

The flight is booked.
The van is reserved.
Maudie is ordering a tee-shirt for me.
I have not decided on a hotel yet. Where is everbody else staying?
I am primimg the liver trying to get back to 1990 levels of saturation and suspension.

Everything is almost ready.

Noble. I am asking nicely. Please send me my money.


April H. said...

A lot of people are staying downtown, myself included. I think most are going for The Plaza (the CantHang crew and more) or the Las Vegas Club which is right next door (and where I will be). These are also the cheaper choices.

Since you are going to have children with you these may not be the best choices. I don't know much about child care options or which hotels are more kid friendly.

Good luck with the hotel. I'll hopefully be on the rail at some point in the WSOP tourny cheering you, and the other bloggers, on.

Anonymous said... which I mean at the Plaza