Sunday, May 15, 2005

Now What?

It took over 36 hours for Noble to credit my account with the WPBT Satellite winnings. I requested a withdrawal to NetTeller (I've got a story about them, too), received the "Thank you for your withdrawal request" e-mail, and now, twenty four later, have received another e-mail informing me i must fax proof of identification before they will release the money. Does this strike anyone else as unusual?


TenMile said...

Piggs Peak Poker and another located in S. Africa ask for that infor. Two others have also but I cannot remember which.

I have not checked who licenses Noble, perhaps Dutch?

JasonSpaceman said...

Doesn't sound unusual from where I sit, but only because of who we're dealing with here. I still don't have my chopped share of 2nd place, as apparently Noble is hassling The Fat Guy over the whole deal. All I know is that once I get my cash, I'm never going back.

Anonymous said...

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