Wednesday, April 13, 2005

A post delayed

Bad Blood has found me out. I am a closet Jay Lovinger fan. One of his recent columns prompted me to send him an e-mail that ended up being posted in his latest toxic mailbag. I occasionally write to ESPN writers (usually to point out their mistakes(geek)) but have never been mentioned in a subsequent article. I guess I shouldn't have given my full name.

I have a poker reassessment going on right now. I am delving into my PT stats to see where I am going wrong. Frustration has set in, not due to bad beats, but to the lack of action I am getting when holding premium hands. I raise 3x the blinds with AA and get no callers. I raise 3x the blind with 99 and get three callers. I have bled away for a few weeks now and have cut back playing in an effort to fight my personality. Anybody got a suggestion for a book to read about poker?

Heck. I'll take suggestions for a poker book AND a non-poker book. I need the mind exercise. I am currently working through the Le Carre library but am open minded to all literature. Send me your suggestions.

One surprising thing I have found in my review is that I lose a lot of money with JTs. I play it at about the same rate I play 77, which is a hand I win with. QTs and ATo are also money losers for me. I am probably holding on to the face cards longer, pissing away money, while folding the 77s of the world when I don't get help on the flop. Anyone want to hover over my shoulder while I'm playing and slap me when I obviously misplay a hand?

I am getting a lot of discounted play at Party Poker playing the Step qualifiers. You have to win the Step 1 to move on to a Step 2, but a 2-5 place finish gets you a rebuy into a Step 1 and a 6th gets you over half your money back. So far, I have a bunch of 2nds, a few 1sts, and usually finish in the top 5. I play to make it into the top 5 and then turn up the pressure once in. Other players seem to be playing too cautiously when so many places have the same payout. I have not made it out of a Step 2 yet but the payouts there are similar.

What are the starting hand requirements for the small blind when three handed in a SNG with rapidly escalating blinds?

I loved Lenny Briscoe(Jerry Orbach) but Dennis Farina rocks! "I'm just thinking Mr. McCoy. Just thinking."


BadBlood said...

Hope I didn't "out" you against your wishes. Discretion would have dictated I email you first. Sorry if I've mis-stepped.

BigPirate said...

No worries. Glad somebody saw it.