Saturday, April 16, 2005

One of These Days

I'm going to win one of these things some day. Playing the Friday Night, $50 NL, 11:00 p.m. MTT on Party as usual. I have been doing pretty well in these over the last few months. I have a finish in the teens and have placed in the money a good bit. Made it to 22nd tonight out of 900 before having to go all-in on the button with less than the big blind. The SB picked up a 7 on the flop of AK7. I had plenty of outs for my QT but nothing came to the rescue. At the first break I was down to 400 chips but made it up to above average stack size by the second break. Tight, tight, tight. It's getting me into the money. Now, I need to step up and make the final table.

Took Pauly's advice and ordered the Harrington book through his site. Hope he gets some kind of kickback for that.

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