Friday, March 04, 2005

I Know When I've Been Insulted!

Down to four-handed in a $20 SNG and I am in the SB. The BB is the short stack and it is folded around to me. I have K9o and raise the BB all-in. It's not really much of a raise but I wanted to put him to a decision one out of the money. Anyway he calls with A7o and is 3-2 favorite. I get lucky, hit a 9 and knock him out. The next thing I know, he types in 'I called coz I knew you had trash. Poker Prophecy says your a fish." I've seen the ads for Poker Prophecy before but I hadn't checked it out until I was told I was databased in there. I go check it out and not only do they not have me ranked as a fish, I have a higher winning % than the guy who called me one. According to the prophecy people, I'm a pro. Obviously this is a defective product. They give your five free searches so I am going to save my other three for future loudmouths. Of course, he may have been schilling and succeeded by goading me into checking out the site.

I have never been affected by online chatter directed towards me, but I do get offended by the racist remarks and don't like it when it seems one particular player is bearing the brunt of a big flame. Other than that, people can rail away way for all I care. I'm used to people being mad at me but I empathize too much with others (ANOTHER bad lawyer trait). Hopefully, these people spend all their time trying to think of something cutting and don't have enough sense to concentrate on their game.


April said...

Oh that's funny. I've never heard of this Poker Prophecy thing...and the results it's returning for some of us...hehehe.

SSG Geezer said...

It is funny,
But since i have been playing like a fish I know what it would say about me!
Any suggestions for the 5 lines on the interview sheet for Jeopardy? Anything else I should prepare for since I have the testing and audition (I Hope!) coming up early next month. Any advice would be gratefully accepted.

BigPirate said...

I don't think the five stories they have you list are very important in the selection process. If you get picked for the show, they ask you to resubmit them anyway. Go ahead and come up with them before you get there though as it will take some stress off of you at the test site.

If you pass the test and make it to the mock game, they will do an interview with you as though you were on the show. Both times I auditioned (about four years apart), they asked everyone the same question, "What will you do if you win lots of money?" The first time I gave a sentimental answer about traveling with my Dad and they never called me for the show. The second time, I was ready for the question and said I would use the money to buy jokes and become a standup. Two months later they called. I think they are looking for personality as they don't want a bunch of stiffs on the show. I did a Nicholson impersonation when answering a question about "The Shining" in the mock game which drew a laugh from the contestant coordinators. Also, as my profession, I listed band manager instead of attorney to try to distinguish myself from all the other attorneys who apply for the show. Try to make yourself stand out a little bit, not by being smarter than everyone else as everyone who pases the test, and many who won't, will be terribly bright, but through your manner in the mock game and interview. Don't act like you are on Wheel of Fortune but realize they want entertaining people on the show.

Good luck to you. I hope you make it. It's a great experience.