Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Sitting on a bar stool in Memphis

I stopped a potential fight in Memphis on New Year's Day while sitting on my ass, drinking beer. Somehow, a discussion between and Arkansas fan and an ECU fan about Joe Paterno in the back room of Blues City Cafe had suddenly turned very tense. Once intelligence started getting insulted, the Arkansas fan stated how he would crush the ECU fan in Jeopardy! I raised both of my arms straight into the air and bellowed, "As the only two-time Jeopardy! champion in this room, I am telling everybody to shut the hell up and drink your beer!" It worked. The ECU fan thanked me for the intervention and the Arkansas fan and I discussed the situation on the Klamath River for the next ten minutes or so.

The best part was listening to my Dad retell the story to Buddy Steve who had been out watching the Liberty Bowl Parade pass by on Beale while all this was going one. I interrupted to correct a factual mistake he was making and Dad said, "I'm not recounting facts here; I'm telling a story." I shut up and went back to my beer.

Hope everyone has a great year in 2010.

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