Monday, May 11, 2009

Race Weekend

I think I was sick more in April than I was well. I got well enough to make it to Darlington over the weekend for the only race that matters. We got there on Friday and camped out for the first time, watching both races.

The walk into the main gate.

Before the rubbing starts. They put a fresh coat of paint on after the Nationwide race the night before.

Ready to go green.

South Carolina sky. We get this almost every night.

And Michael gets confused and goes the wrong way.

The "stripe" doesn't care where you are from.

Or how young you are.

Tried to get a shot of Mrs. Harvick. Yow.

Going to need a new paint job before next year.

Tried to take a photo of the post-race fireworks and couldn't hold the camera still. Look at the eerie # 5s in the photo though. Mark Martin was everywhere.

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BamBam said...

Oh good grief! Something else we have in common now!