Monday, February 16, 2009

Bg's Ribs-Part 2-The Curse of the Missing Heat

Part 1 below . . .

The culmination of BG's Short Ribs with Maple-Horseradish Glaze (sans short ribs)

After the vegetables and Porter came to a boil, I poured it all into my handy German clay oven. I have broken the lids to everything else that could go from stove to oven so this was my best option. The ribs were placed on top of the vegetables and liquid and then covered with parchment paper and the top of the oven. This sat in the electric oven for 2.5 hours at 300 degrees.

While that was going on, I added horseradish to the syrup and rosemary. I used about three ounces or so. I love horseradish but didn't want to make it too strong that no one else would eat it. That would turn out not to be a problem at all. There was no discernible horseradish taste in the final product. Next time, I will add a lot more and add it later in the infusing process in the hopes it will impart more heat to the ribs.

After the 2.5 hours, I moved everything into a baking dish and brushed and poured the glaze over the ribs and vegetables. After five minutes under the broiler, it came out looking like this. Make sure to click on this photo to get the closeup.

This photo really does not do it justice. It is a nice looking dish and smells incredible. I pulled out a few ribs, sliced some onion pie and went to town. The maple syrup flavor was predominant which is fine if you like meats to have a sweet flavor. As there was little to no horseradish flavor, I used the onion pie and sharp cheese to counteract the sweet. When we ate the rest of the ribs the next day, I sprinkled them generously with tabasco flakes and reheated in the oven. That gave enough heat to allay a lot of the sweet and made it a lot more enjoyable. Overall, this is a great dish and not very hard to make. There is no fancy cutting or spices. It does take a few hours, but with nothing else to do on a Saturday, it is well worth it. While the ribs are cooking for over two hours, it gives you plenty of time to do whatever else needs doing around the house. There is no need to hover over this dish which makes it even better. Thanks to BG!

Annie looks askance at onion pie.

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