Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jim Rice still hates the media (though he claims he doesn't)

What possible reason could someone knowledgeable about baseball have for not voting Ricky Henderson into the Baseball Hall of Fame? He doesn’t deserve to be unanimous because Willie Mays wasn’t a unanimous choice? That’s your argument? Well, the writers who didn’t vote for Say Hey were idiots. Ricky doesn’t need me to advocate for him. Ricky can do it himself. Ricky put up the numbers. Rickey’s just happy to be going in.

It is nice to see South Carolinian Jim Rice get the nod on his first last chance. I know the arguments both ways. Some claim he was the most feared hitter of his generation. If I was a pitcher from that era. I think I would have preferred to face him rather than Dave Winfield or George Foster. Winfield always looked as though he was going to make the ball explode and Foster just scared the crap out of me with his sideburns.

"Your ball. It will be crushed"

Why do so many callers to Columbia sports radio think Tim Tebow should be a first round draft pick as a quarterback when he comes out? Is it due to his rocket arm? His blazing speed? No, they all point to his “intangibles.” Yeah, that’s what pro coaches want in their QBs, intangibles. Slow release? No problem. Average speed? We can work around it with creative formations. You want to see Tim Tebow in the NFL as a QB? Watch the tape of the BCS title game when he throws his second interception on the deep out. The OU defensive back came from ten yards away to get that ball. Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco make that throw with enough zip to take your head off. Plus, they don’t have to wind up. I have no problem with Tebow and think he is a fantastic player. He might even have a productive role in NFL. It just won’t be as a starting QB. As an aside, what kind of numbers would Michael Vick have put up in Florida’s offense? He might have rushed for 1500 and thrown for 2500 every year and been considered the greatest college player of all time.

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lightning36 said...

Great to see Jim Rice finally get in. Now, if only those freaking voters would let Ron Santo in before he dies ...