Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Bug Music?


Saw one of these in the yard over the weekend. The old "Cow Killer" ant. It's not an ant of course, but it is one of the cooler looking insects around. We get them every once in a while and I steer relatively clear as their sting is reported to be very painful.

I updated the blog to the new format and immediately regret it. Does anyone know how I can revert to the old one? The one bonus is the blog list. I love the "how recent they have posted" feature. It also allows me to add some blogs I have been terribly remiss in adding (B.W.O.P. -what the hell took me so long?) and to get rid of some of those that no longer post (O.K. I believe you. You're never coming back. Though, if you were really as bad ass as you portray yourself, and didn't want anybody to talk to you, you would delete the thing.). I have to get everyone added back in over the next few days as well as try to recapture some of the items I lost from the old site.

It is still damn hot here in the midlands of South Carolina. Another attorney asked permission to take off his jacket in Court last week while he was questioning witnesses. I wish he hadn't. You remember "ring around the collar?" He had ring around the pits, collar, and belly.

It is too hot for football but it goes on. The big advantage southern schools have over those who come from out of the region to play is the heat and humidity. I don't know why a west coast or northern school would schedule a trip down here in the early season. Except for Southern Cal. They can obviously do what they want.

Speaking of southern football, How About Those Pirates?!!!!!!!! I am the Big Pirate for a reason. A lackluster experience as an undersized offensive lineman (but I had quick feet) has not deterred me from continuing to support the team. There is a really good coach in the Holtz family and he is in Greenville, North Carolina right now.

I have not played poker the last two Sundays at the Club. I am turning down a profitable game due to the smoke. Once I realized my throat was burning seven days a week and I was coughing up weird phlegm all the time, I decided once a week for awhile would be enough. It has been a once a week habit for the last two weeks but I 'll be back at it twice this week. I have left enough money on the table this month.

I am going to try to make the Bash this year. I have always wanted to get Buddy Steve and Al in the same room and watch the bartenders blanch. Oh well, it's another goal.

I just learned Obama and I share something else in common. Go West Ham!


SirFWALGMan said...

um. Just pick the template you used to use.. and say apply.. You will lose all customization of course but if you save the web page text you can cut and paste the divs back in and it should all work..

BWoP said...

I'm feeling the love now!

(Word verification: reboi. That doesn't sound good.)